We are 100%, are you?

The 100% USA icon is not just a brand building tool. It's a statement to the consumer that you as a company take pride in the fact that your goods are produced in the United States.The sellers of products that carry our 100% USA icon must certify that their product is not only made in America, but it's main ingredients are produced in America, in accordance with U.S. laws. An annual license renewal will include recertification and verification that the products continue to qualify to carry our 100% USA

Works Everywhere

Whether you make milk, cheese, wine, makeup, motorcycles or electronics, the 100% USA icon can be adapted to showcase your industry and a seal of american made quality. At the same time, you are showing that you support keeping jobs right here in America.

Easy to Customize

We have created a icon that will showcase an image that best represents your particular industry. Anyone can slap a logo on their product and say "Made in America", but we take it a step further and through our screening process, only the truely 100% American made products can wear our badge.

Showcase your badge!

Wear your custom branded icon proudly, not only on your product, but on your website, marketing materials and on social media! Social media is the quickest way to get the word out that you support keeping jobs right here in the good ol' USA!